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  • Water Intrusion into Wood Frame Walls

    Posted on June 19th, 2011 Editor No comments

    Wall Damage from Wall and Window Leaks

    At first glance, you may think this does not apply to you, or, you may wonder what an article such as this has to do with windows. This is after all a hurricane impact windows blog, right? Well, it has everything to do with windows, as you will see, and the chances are very good it’s relative to the home you live in.

    On many low rise condo buildings, and most homes, the exterior walls to the second or third floors are constructed using wood framing. I use to be a big fan of wood framing as it offers much better insulation value. The problem with wood framing in exterior walls is the potential for water intrusion into the walls – a HUGE problem for your home or building. One of the big things our company constantly deals with in Florida, is water intrusion into a building, and it can come in buckets (pun intended!) through the roof, exterior wall finishes (such as stucco, siding, etc.) and windows (now you see the connection!).
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  • Choices in Hurricane Window Protection

    Posted on April 2nd, 2010 Editor No comments

    Hurricane window protection is the most important protection for your home. The choices are many and our guide is to help you to compare the pros and cons of various systems so you can make a decision you will be happy with for many years.

    Hurricane shutters are the most economical, therefore the most popular solution chosen by homeowners. However, hurricane impact windows and doors are also very popular because of the added benefits of convenience, security enhancement, better energy efficiency, sound proofing and its attractiveness over shutters. The least expensive system is plywood or panels; these offer great protection, but take a great deal of time to install.

    Your considerations: Cost, appearance, and convenience (this one is often under estimated).

    First, understand what it is your protecting: it’s not just the shards of glass from the broken window that are dangerous – having your roof blown off will really get your attention. During a hurricane, the strong wind that blows over your home creates a ‘lift’ effect on your roof. If a window or door opening is blown open during the storm, this creates an additional upward ‘push’ on the roof, thus doubling or tripling the lifting effect. This is how roofs are blown off.

    Here are the vitals on your choices for hurricane window protection for your home.

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  • Choosing a Window Installation Contractor

    Posted on January 29th, 2010 Editor No comments

    First let’s start off by saying that the many different window companies may have their own dedicated installers. Also, there are many specialized products or niches within the replacement window market.  Some companies focus on energy efficient windows and some consumers have a demand for this pricey product as it saves them money and provides a tax credit.  For hurricane impact windows this is tricky issue since a vinyl window will provide better energy efficiency but also much lower design pressures. And the list of different products continues with high design pressures for impact windows on beach front properties (those also often need “turtle glass”), hurricane windows with lower design pressures (& therefore lower cost) for inland properties, Miami-Dade approved hurricane windows for store front operations, etc. 

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  • The Impact of Hurricane Impact Windows – part 2 of 2

    Posted on July 22nd, 2009 Editor No comments

    (for the first half of this post, see The Impact of Hurricane Impact Windows – part 1)

    For the window to withstand hurricane conditions, something similar to the 9,000 cycles of positive and negative air pressure they undergo in impact testing, the installation is every bit as important as the quality of the window.  Dave Olmstead, spokesman for PGT Industries in Venice, Florida, agrees that no matter how strong a window is the attachment to the building structure is critical. Olmstead says a window that is 53-inches by 76-inches would have 28 square feet of exposure, and with a wind speed of 146 mph from a category 4 hurricane would result in a load on the window equivalent to 1,958 pounds of pressure. For the window to perform correctly, the load has to be transferred to the building itself, which is done by using suitable anchors to transfer the load from the window or door frame to the rough opening without causing failure. Therefore, the installer needs to be knowledgeable in how to use this system and its different anchoring mechanisms.

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  • The Impact of Hurricane Impact Windows – part 1 of 2

    Posted on July 8th, 2009 Editor No comments

    hurricane1992 was the year that changed everything. That was the year Hurricane Andrew blew through South Florida and wreaked havoc to the tune of $25 billion. Building officials blamed much of the destruction on wind pressure leaking in through broken windows and doors, causing roofs to blow off and walls to collapse. To reduce the potential of future damage resulting from big blows, the code was changed to fortify buildings against wind penetration, thus the advent of impact resistant window.

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  • Choosing Replacement Windows

    Posted on June 28th, 2009 Harry No comments

    blog1Replacement windows for your home can be significant investment in both time and money. There are many manufacturers, window types and styles, and a wide price range from which to choose, and the decisions you must make can seem endless. Which manufacturer should you go with? Do you want aluminum windows or vinyl windows? Should you choose hurricane impact resistant windows or non-impact windows with hurricane shutters? What about double pane-thermal insulated or thermal insulated with hurricane impact resistant glass? How can you take advantage of the new Energy tax credit of up to $1,500.00? Of course, as you make these choices you’re reminded that buying windows is like buying anything else: the more items we put in our ‘cart’, the higher the price. Choosing the right windows and a reputable company to install them for you can take a lot of time and homework, so read on for some helpful information to get you well on your way.

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  • Benefits of Green

    Posted on April 22nd, 2009 Editor No comments

    ecologyHeadlines have continued to decry this historic correction in the first quarter of 2009.  But despite the foreboding coverage, green building has proved sustainable in more than one sense.  Firms and consumers are embracing the trend and proving that the economic downturn will not discourage the practice.

    In fact, quite the opposite appears to be happening.  According to Turner Construction’s 2008 Green Building Barometer, 75% of commercial real estate executives said that credit market conditions would not stop them from constructing green buildings.  Citing reduced energy costs, higher building values and lower overall operating costs, the respondents suggest that the current economic doldrums will not take the wind out of green building’s sail.

  • Why replace your windows and doors?

    Posted on March 31st, 2009 Editor No comments
    Improve appearance, energy efficiency, and value by replacing windows

    Improve appearance, energy efficiency, and value by replacing windows

    You walk or look through them every single day. But how often do you really think about the impact your home”s doors and windows have on its value, beauty and livability? Home improvement experts agree that updating your windows and doors can help you save on energy bills, improve the look and infrastructure of your home and add long-lasting value.

    “One of the most valuable investments you can make in your home is window and door replacement,” says Lou “Mr. Fix It” Manfredini, home improvement editor for the Today Show and “USA Today Weekend Magazine.”

    Replacing your windows can mean making many decisions: Is it time to replace? And if so, how do you go about choosing the best replacement windows?

    “There are four main reasons why a homeowner might need to replace windows or doors: performance, energy efficiency, maintenance and aesthetics,” Manfredini says. To receive information on window and door replacement in Florida, visit


    This is the most compelling reason to change a door or window, Manfredini says. On top of testing your patience, windows and doors that stick aren”t giving you the optimum benefit in terms of convenience and efficiency. Performance is also tied to safety-if doors are windows are not opening properly they can be a safety hazard.

    Energy Efficiency

    Check for drafts around doors and windows by moving a lit candle slowly around the edges. If the flame flickers, you have a draft — one of the biggest drains on the energy efficiency of your home. Drafts add up to real dollars on your heating and cooling bills, so this is, for many people, the impetus to replace their windows or doors.


    Older windows and doors require maintenance — scraping, painting and caulking. Newer windows and doors feature low maintenance cladding, a protective exterior covering that requires minimal maintenance. Many newer windows also make cleaning easy with a convenient tilt feature that allows you to wash them from inside your house.


    Curb appeal is vital if you”re selling your house and a satisfying lifestyle enhancement if you plan to stay in your home for years to come. Updated windows and doors not only improve energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs, they make your house look more appealing as well.

    When choosing your replacement doors and windows, consider quality, design flexibility and the reputation of the manufacturer, Manfredini advises. “The number one attribute you should look for in a replacement window or door is quality.” Windows are one of the most noticeable parts of your home, so make sure you look for windows that are of furniture-grade quality.

    Harry Artt Construction, LLC, a leading supplier and installer in Florida of replacement windows and doors, offers homeowners, condo associations and homeowner associations, free consultations to help them learn more about their options. To request a free consultation, call 954-687-6060 or visit